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Correct Poor Posture and Eliminate Back Pain from Sitting!

Our bodies were not designed to sit for long periods of time, but most of us spend 75% or more of our time sitting!  Extended periods of sitting puts enormous pressure on the spine and the lower back due to poor posture.  That's where The SmarterSeat™  comes in!  Engineered to reduce lower back and spine pressure while improving posture you can sit pain free for hours with The SmarterSeat™ .

"I get bad aches from sitting all day, so I ordered a cushion to try. Immediately, the tension in my back was gone. GONE. It is truly a lifesaver!" - Maria K.

IMPROVE BLOOD FLOW - Conforms to your body shape and reduces pressure on the lower back and spine, significantly improving blood flow to your legs and feet reducing the risk of life threatening DVT.  

ELIMINATE BACK PAIN - Provides optimal support to your lower back and spine, promoting healthy posture while preventing aches and pains. 

ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Honeycomb design keeps the cushion cool without compromising comfort. No more sweaty seats!

PERFECT FOR THE OFFICE & COMMUTE - Perfect for home, office, & vehicle use. Each cushion includes a black protective cover. Fits nearly all chair pads (16.5" X 13.5"). 

PREMIUM QUALITY - Made with medical grade gel to ensure durability

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