The Better Broom™
The Better Broom™
The Better Broom™
The Better Broom™

The Better Broom™

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The BEST way to complete any cleaning task!

Are you trying to find the perfect broom to complete your cleaning tasks? Look no further than The Better Broom™! Our broom is designed with a built-in squeegee and rubber bristles that allows you to get into smaller spaces and effortlessly clean all surfaces!

Enjoy the many benefits The Better Broom™ has to offer!


Removing dust and pet hair from upholstery and carpets

  • Quick and short brush strokes lifts hair and dust to surface to easily easily remove
  • Gentle on fabric and will not cause pilling       

Steak-Free and Scratch Resistant Multi-surface cleaning

  • Effectively dries surfaces leaving no streaks behind making the broom the perfect product for cleaning windows, windshields, tile floors, counter tops, and shower doors
  • Removes dirt and debris from hardwood floors without scratching the wood  

Adjustable Sizing

  • The Better Broom™ is designed with 4 individual poles and removable brush head to easily break down into shorter broom or extend into longer broom
  • Lightweight and eliminates the need for a ladder when reaching higher surfaces   



  • Rubber bristles allow for dirt, dust, and hair to stick to bristles while sweeping to eliminate "left over" sweeping piles
  • Lightweight and can easily be moved around during cleaning
  • Does not leave streaks!
  • Can easily be cleaned with soap and water

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